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Who are DigiHaul?

Our complete freight solution connects commercial shippers with the UK’s largest carrier base, making haulage fast, flexible and reliable.

Whether you’re looking to reduce your shipping costs or need to increase your fleet capacity, you can count on DigiHaul to deliver.

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When it comes to logistics, why choose between efficiency and expertise?

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UK's largest carrier network

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How does it work?

Loads simpler, loads smarter

We connect B2B shippers to the UK's largest carrier base, providing real-time and guaranteed capacity at a competitive price. Our smart freight solution helps streamline orders – from booking through to delivery and payment – in one easy-to-use platform.

We make it easy for carriers to find and accept transport offers to keep fleets full. With clear pricing, better operational efficiency and our team on hand to help, we can help maximise capacity and minimise admin.

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I am a Shipper

  • Do you need a single B2B carrier for all your UK shipments?
  • Do you spend too much time searching for the best pricing and availability?
  • Do you value great service and logistics support?
  • Do you need real-time visibility of your shipments?

I am a Carrier

  • Do you have space in your trucks that you would like to fill?
  • Do you need an app that’s easy for drivers to use?
  • Are you looking for better payment terms and financing support?
  • Would you like to grow your business?
  • “There’s plenty of advice and guidance available on rolling out the app and using the system. The human interaction is really important to Slam – it allows us to ask questions about information that doesn’t feature on the portal.”
    Slam Transport
  • “The DigiHaul portal is really good, a very useful tool for AWJ. We’re keen to continue to develop a relationship with DigiHaul. The future of the industry is definitely digitalisation.”
    A.W. Jenkinson Transport Ltd
  • “The DigiHaul portal looks good and easy to navigate and use. It’s better than other portals which have too much going on.”
    Bartrums (General Haulage) Ltd
  • “The portal is easy to use – it’s quite easy to see and take work. It has been a useful tool that helps keep our vehicles busy.”
    Truswell Haulage Ltd