Redefining an Industry

Digitalising processes and harnessing data to propel sustainability

Who are we?

A technology and data driven company that wants to revolutionise the logistics sector by simplifying and digitising processes across multiple industry verticals.

Through market access, we can reduce your operating costs and your carbon footprint through backhaul matching and network optimisation.

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Reduce your operating costs

Reduce your asset reliance

Reduce your carbon footprint

Unleash your company's limitless potential

How we add value

Technology is the heart of our business. We use our technology to fully digitise how you book and manage road haulage eliminating costly and time consuming tasks. We eliminate the costs involved in procuring subcontract transport, onboarding & managing hauliers, booking & tracking loads, dealing with issues, chasing paperwork and paying invoices. Our scale and market intelligence ensures that you will never overpay for a load. We will typically deliver a direct saving on your existing spend of between 10-20%.

We are passionate about sustainability. It is estimated that approximately 25% of trucks are running empty on our roads at any one time. Our mission is to fill those empty trucks using our technology and data to match loads across multiple vendors and hauliers. We work with hundreds of fully vetted and quality hauliers across the UK offering you easy and flexible access to road transport when you need it.

Reduce your operating costs

Reduce your asset reliance

Reduce your carbon footprint

Unleash your company's limitless potential


We are a transport technology and data company, but we are also a people business there when you need us.

Our in-house tech developers and data analysts are on a mission to drive out your operational inefficiencies and help you achieve your sustainability goals. We are constantly evolving our technology to continuously deliver value to your business.


Automate manual processes through digitalisation. You can integrate into our platform for seamless e-2-e transactions or use our customer booking tools where existing IT is not available


By creating a large community of vendors and hauliers we can match loads using our clever data tools to reduce empty running. We offer alternative fuel solutions too

Transport Management

Unlike our competitors, we vet our hauliers, performance manage them and regularly audit them to ensure the highest compliance and performance standards are adhered to


Our technology is backed up by our team of experienced transport operators, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to resolve any issues should things go wrong

Watch the video above to learn more about how DigiHaul can benefit your business

Martin Willmor, our CEO, speaks to the Road Haulage Association during National Lorry Week

  • “DigiHaul were able to source the traction shifts required through peak. They also sourced additional requirements on the day and were able to provide cover for our loads seven days a week.”
    A leading UK Supermarket
  • “There’s plenty of advice and guidance available on rolling out the app and using the system. The human interaction is really important to Slam – it allows us to ask questions about information that doesn’t feature on the portal.”
    Slam Transport

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